Clippd release: Jan 2022 – Capture app, practice drills, refresh data, Trackman

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    Find out what's in our latest release

    Clippd Capture Micro App & Practice drills
    The Clippd Capture Micro App now offers you the ability to capture data from practice drills.

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    How to access Capture App:

    • Click 'My Profile' or on your name and profile picture.
    • Scroll down and select option ‘Record A Practice Drill' (see above).
    • The Clippd Capture Micro App will open directly on mobile or in a new browser window on desktop.

    We currently have 8 tests/drills – 5 in the 'Approach' menu, 1 in the Around the Green' menu and 2 in 'Putting' menu. The rules of each drill/test are explained alongside.

    1. Approach > Wedge Ladder (50-90 yards).
    2. Approach > Wedge Ladder (95-135 yards).
    3. Approach > Pitching String.
    4. Approach > Wedge & Short Iron Play (80-130 yards).
    5. Approach > Random Approach Ladder (you can select minimum and maximum targets and number of shots).
    6. Around the Green > 6ft conversion zone.
    7. Putting > Must Make Putting.
    8. Putting > Putting Combine.

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    How to add practice test data

    • Select either 'Approach', 'Around the Green' or Putting' (we will be adding more tests over time).
    • Select the drill/test you want to do and hit 'Start Test'.
    • Add the email address you use for Clippd.
    • Start drill/test and input your distances at each shot.
    • When you've finished > hit ‘Save Test’ button.
    • Return to Clippd by selecting 'Menu' and 'Back to Clippd'.
    • Results will appear in your Activity Feed on Clippd, and allow you to drill down.

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    This data will help us to measure the impact of practice on specific facets of the game and overall performance. The Shot Quality scores for your practice shots feed into your overall Player Quality, but they are valued at a fraction of your on-course shots. We’d love you to try these and tell us what you think!

    Refresh data from source
    If you identify issues with the shot data in a round, you can now edit that round in the source system (currently, Arccos, Golf Stats Lab or Measured Practice) and re-upload the corrected data to Clippd.

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    How to refresh data in Clippd

    • Save correct shot data at source (Arccos, Golf Stats Lab and Measured Practice).
    • Log into Clippd.
    • Select 'Activities' and scroll to the round you want to update.
    • Tap edit/pencil icon, top right.
    • Scroll down to bottom of screen and select 'Refresh shots from data source' (see above).
    • Tap 'Save details'.
    • Clippd will then retrieve the updated shot data for that round, recalculate Shot Quality and make updates to your data. A message will inform you when updates are complete.
    • The corrected data will then be reflected in Clippd.

    Also in this release...

    Trackman reports – new way to upload
    Having listened to feedback on uploading Trackman reports into Clippd, we have added an additional upload method.

    Rather than using the pdf reader, the link on a Trackman report can now be copied and pasted into Clippd. This enables us to be more consistent in terms of the format of the report, date, metres vs yards etc. It also enables us to capture all the relevant data for later analysis.

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    How to upload Trackman reports using 'Trackman Link':

    • Copy link URL of Trackman report.
    • Open Clippd and select 'My Profile'.
    • On mobile, scroll to the bottom of the menu and select 'Trackman Link' and 'Add Link' option (see above).
    • Paste the link from your report on
    • Clippd does the rest.

    Course database upgrade
    Updates to the Clippd Course database have been made to improve coverage and naming convention. In addition, we have updated the course matching logic to improve accuracy.

    Improved navigation
    Based on feedback, we have introduced the capability to click through to the scorecard view via the 'Latest Round' view and 'Last 5 Rounds' view on all dashboards. This works the same way for Coaches from the Team Dashboard.

    If you have any questions about this release or there's functionality you would like to see added, please reply to this post

    Got a question? Let us know!
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