Clippd Release: July 2023

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    Hello all!

    Our latest release is here and there are plenty of great features ranging from notifications to improvements in Clippd Capture. Read on to find out more!


    Users will now receive notifications for certain activities in Clippd. The notifications icon is at the top of your screen (bell icon). Those users who have saved Clippd as a PWA (so it operates as an app) will see the standard notification icon as you do for all apps. IOS users please make sure you have IOS 16.4 or above.

    You will now receive notifications for the following interactions in Clippd:

    • Likes on your rounds and activities
    • Comments on an activity
    • A new follow request
    • Your follow request has been accepted
    • Your coach has created an activity for you
    • When a player you are connected with has completed a round or activity (Coaches only)

    Subscription upgrade

    Players can now upgrade subscriptions from monthly to the longer subscription periods and get the most from our discounted options. This has been one of our most commonly requested queries from users and we’re delighted to introduce it!

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    Clippd Capture

    Auto-club select

    When using Clippd Capture to enter practice round data, you will now have the option to switch to auto-club select. This means your club will be pre-populated for tee shots and approach shots based on what you have previously hit for that yardage. As an example, if you regularly hit an 8-iron 140-150 yards, you will now see the ‘Club used’ box pre-populated with an 8-iron. You can change the club if the auto-select is incorrect.

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    We only allow this during practice rounds due to the rules of golf surrounding tournament play.

    Pin location

    When using Enhanced Mode, you will now be asked to select the pin location and where your ball finished for approach and around the green shots. This means our insights will be even more accurate.
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    Adding missing shots

    You can now go back into a Capture round and add a missing shot without having to delete subsequent shots on the hole.

    Course search

    We have made significant improvements to our course search in Clippd Capture. It should now be much easier to find the course you have played or are about to play. Remember, if there are any changes that need to be made or you still can’t find a course, let us know on our dedicated Course Database thread.

    Coaches - leaderboards and streaks

    Coaches can now see leaderboards and streaks in their Teams dashboards. They include:

    • Scoring average
    • Total birdies
    • Consecutive greens in regulation
    • Consecutive 1-putt

    Head to Teams, then the trophy icon towards the top right corner to see all the leaderboards and streaks for your players.

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    Temperature and altitude

    We now factor in temperature and altitude into Shot Quality. These additional layers of context help us to more accurately measure the skill required to play each shot.

    The data science team employed Clippd’s very own proprietary ball-flight simulator to understand the effects of altitude and temperature on ball flight and what this means for performance.

    Based on the conditions in which a shot was played, our models compute the adjusted distance for the shot, much like a golfer might mentally compute during a round. For example, at sea level and 5C, a shot from 150 yards actually plays more like a 154-yard shot. The same 150-yard shot, at an altitude of 1000m and temperature of 23C plays more like 145 yards.

    Unlike other layers of context (weather and course conditions), altitude and temperature are automatically calculated and therefore require zero input from the user.
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    Activity filters

    You can now filter all your Activities to see only a specific set of rounds, practice sessions and golf-related Activities. Just click 'Filters' when on your Activity list.
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    Miss tendencies for APP

    View your miss tendencies for your App shots in What To Work On. Just head to What To Work On, click on any App distance and you'll be able to see what you tend to miss.
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    Nice work. Looking forward to testing out the new enhancements. -- J. Isler
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    @jeffislergolf, Thank you! Let us know your thoughts if there's anything you want to share 👍