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    Hi there, enjoying the app

    In particular, the thing im most honed in on is stroked gained for individual shots - something that arccos seem to not provide on their own app

    Here we get the "shot quality" number which is useful, but i am looking for the exact strokes gained on a shot. Can we get this number? Is there a maths conversion for shot quality to strokes gained?

    This would be even better if we could overlay it on a map of our shots, to show exactly where shots are gained/loss when reviewing a round

    Lastly, often arccos makes a few errors in shots and i will go after to fix them. How can i get clippd to re-pull the round to reflect the updated/edited shots?
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    Hi @tarolg thank you for posting. It's a great question.

    We calculate our Shot Quality numbers through a bespoke machine learning model which we can't share unfortunately. What I can say is that 100 for Shot Quality approximates to 0.00 for strokes gained as it's our tour standard number.

    In terms of Arccos errors, the first, and most important thing to remember is don't delete the round in Clippd. If you notice an error, go back into Arccos, amend the erroneous data and then head back into Clippd. Find the activity, hit the three dots and then Refresh shots from data source'. This will then pull through the corrected data into you Clippd account.

    Here's our guide on editing Arccos rounds. Editing Arccos data
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    FOr those of us not at scratch or better, Arccos is nice because you can set the baseline level (say you are looking to get to -9 handicap) you set that and see strokes gained compared to that handicap. The 200 scale seems arbitrary anyway. We dont need the algo, but agree individual strokes gained seems possible as well as offsetting to a user adjustable target.
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    Is it possible we can get an actual strokes gained number? I have been desperately looking for this particular stat on my individual shots but it seems no app can provide it yet! This is the one feature i care about over everything

    It's annoying because in arccos guides for strokes gained they show examples "drive here = +0.3, land in trees = -0.5" etc in a beautiful visualisation, but this is not actually a feature provided
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    @tarolg @drclick

    We currently do not show S/G at an individual shot level. However, you can find them at a round level. We also show S/G on your Scoring dashboard (click on Payer Quality number for quick access). The best place to see S/G at a round level is in Round Insights. This can be found by clicking on a round, then Round Insight's. You'll see a table called Par Performance which gives you the numbers across each department of your game for that round. You can use Shot Quality in the same way as you would S/G and a number of charts on Round Insights can help you identify where you were losing/gaining shots.

    There is also Shot by Shot within an activity which shows you the Shot Quality of every shot you've hit, in sequence during that round. Click on Shot Quality and it will sort the data and then you can change that order to ascending or descending order by clicking again.

    As mentioned previously, a Shot Quality score of 100 approximates to 0.00 S/G and therefore you can assume that anything below 100 is losing strokes.

    The advantage of Shot Quality is it gives you a better understanding of how good a specific shot was because we factor in additional information such as; weather, start lie, course conditions, course difficulty etc. Shot Quality also operates independently of a 'field'. A perfect example of this is :

    7 iron from 150 yards with no wind to 10ft = x.xxS/G
    7 iron from 150 yards with 40 mph wind to 12ft = xxx Shot Quality

    With Strokes Gained the shot that ended up closer would score higher but we know that the shot in a 40mph wind was actually a better golf shot because of the conditions in which it was hit.

    The 0-200 scale meant that we were able to provide a simple measure that gave us the ability to use a whole number with scope to distinguish between "perfect", excellent, brilliant to awful, rubbish and worst case! We are looking at developing our benchmarking so that users can compare themselves against similar playing levels. This is a matter of having enough data to do so accurately but it's absolutely on our radar to do.

    We appreciate that Shot Quality is a very new concept but we've seen a really positive response from users once they've understood how it works and what it's showing them. We'd be very happy to hop on a quick call with you where we can explain more if that's something you'd be interested in.
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    Thanks for the response

    Whilst I understand shot quality and it's usefulness, I am still interested in individual strokes gained statistic, it is the main reason I am using any app as it seems a total mystery as to why we can't get this number

    It also seems to be a very common request

    Why deprive us of this additional data if you already have it? We can have both strokes gained and shot quality as options

    Would like to request that we add strokes gained to individual shots
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    I'm going to feed this back to the Product Team and will respond on this thread as soon as I have an update