Clippd Tips: How do I use my Garmin watch to collect data?

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    Update 3rd August: Some of you may have seen some issues over that last few days trying to get your Garmin rounds into Clippd. Garmin have recently made an update where if you access Garmin Connect via the browser on your mobile, it will automatically open up the Garmin Connect App and you are unable to get the link to load into Clippd.

    We are looking at possible alternative ways to enable you to get your Garmin rounds into Clippd and will respond here in due course.

    Any questions, please do reach out.

    Hi all,

    You may already know that we have a Beta integration with Garmin. This can used to pull your Garmin rounds into Clippd. Read how HERE

    However, we've found many Garmin watch users are unaware that their watch is tracking their shots during a round. We appreciate there are various versions of the Garmin watch but the steps below should provide the basis for using all of them.

    Set up Garmin Watch to record shots

    Steps are (please note models will vary slightly):

    Step 1: Go to golf settings

    Step 2:
    Turn on scoring

    Step 3:
    Turn on stat tracking

    Step 4:
    Turn on club tracking (we highly recommend getting the sensors for your putter and 2 wedges, but it isn’t essential)

    Recording your round

    Step 1: Turn on your Garmin watch and select ‘Play Golf’.

    Step 2: Your watch will then show the five nearest golf courses. Select the one you’re playing.

    Step 3: Select the tees you’re going to be playing.

    Step 4: Specify that you wish to keep your score.

    Step 5: Select whether you want your yardages to the front, middle or back of the green.

    Step 6: As you play, your Garmin watch will use GPS to track the shots and locations you’re hitting.

    Step 7: When you’ve finished your round, head over to Garmin Connect App to check your data is correct/complete.

    Step 8: When you’re happy with your data in Garmin Connect, if not already done so, go to Garmin Connect App via a browser and unlock the round. Once done, you can upload the round to Clippd.

    Read our guide on getting your Garmin data into Clippd HERE
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