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    Hi all, we're delighted you've become a member of the Clippd Community. We want this to be an engaging, vibrant and safe space for players and coaches to come together. We therefore ask you all to follow these guidelines:

    • Be respectful. Please use the same etiquette as you’d expect on the golf course — courteous, respectful and (ideally) encouraging, even when opinions differ.
    • Say thank you and encourage others. If another community member has helped you or shared something great, show your appreciation by giving it 👍 or if you asked a question, picking it as a best answer. By doing so, you’ll be helping someone else.
    • Share your stories. Just recorded your best ever Shot Quality score? Set a personal best for Player Quality in your last round? Become a member of The 200 Club by hitting a perfect golf shot? Let the community know by posting a screen grab and telling us a bit about the when, where and how — especially how it made you feel!
    • Keep it simple. Please make sure you are clear in what you are saying, whether writing a new post or replying. Writing full posts makes it easier for other members to communicate with you, plus it gets the conversation going.
    • Search first. If you have a question, we strongly recommend you use the search function before creating a post to see if you can find the answer in an FAQ article or a previous conversation.
    • Please report things that don’t seem right, such as inappropriate content that goes against our code of conduct or ethics. The Community Manager is here to ensure that the Clippd Community is a welcoming place for all, so if you see something that goes against these guidelines or you think isn’t right or fair, we ask that you report it immediately using the FLAG icon. We’ll then investigate.
    • Be careful with personal info. Only share information that you’re happy to talk about publicly. The community is a place for open conversation, not a place to handle private stuff. You can use the DM feature if you need to talk privately. If you’re unsure about anything, ask Josh, our Community Manager.
    • Be inquisitive. Ask questions, whether that’s about the Clippd platform or in general conversations about golf, the tech you use or anything else. Questions are the start of all discussions and we want people to feel comfortable in doing so.
    • Explore. Have a look around the whole community — information on new releases and features, articles, FAQs — and familiarise yourself. We want this to be a home for likeminded people.
    • Finally, have fun

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